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Tavira Integra +

Project: Tavira Integra + 
Dynamizing Entity: Fundação Irene Rolo 
Partner Entity : Tavira Municipality 
Start date : ​September 15, 2021 
End date: December 31, 2022 
Funding Sources : Fundo para o Asilo, Migração e a Integração – FAMI e Alto Comissariado para as Migrações, I.P. 

Project goals:
- Contribute to the development of local diagnosis of the immigrant population ;
- Promote the harmonious social and professional integration of the immigrant community in the municipality of Tavira;
- To empower the immigrant population to exercise full citizenship; 
- To promote reading and writing skills in Portuguese language; 
- To reduce the negative images and stereotypes associated with the immigrant community;
- Sensitize the business community to prevent and combat the abuse and employment of foreigners in irregular situations; 
- Promote the associative movement among the immigrant population.

Planned Activities :
- Dynamization of sports and/or cultural activities;
- Creation of an informative guide about the various public and private services in several areas (employment, social action, health, education, security, etc.);
- Creation of a video to inform the immigrant population about the history, heritage and traditions of the municipality;
- Creation of a multidisciplinary working group;
- Dynamization of thematic workshops in areas such as: health care, hygiene, road safety, employability, recognition and validation of professional and academic skills, gastronomy, among others; 
- Dynamization of theoretical/practical sessions that promote the acquisition of Portuguese language reading and writing skills;
- Participation in city fairs. As part of these participations, a parade of flags of the countries of origin of the immigrant population in the county will be organized;  
- Creation and dissemination of a short film about the immigrant cultures present in the municipality;
- Organization of a photographic exhibition in a place of public access in the city, allusive to the experiences of the immigrant population in the municipality; 
- To hold awareness/information sessions with the business community in order to provide them with pertinent information about hiring immigrants, the risks associated with illegal immigration, among others.  

Financing source:

Deepa Lama - Vontade de ser livre ("Willingness to be free")
Short film about the immigrant cultures present in the municipality, with a view to raising community awareness of diversity issues and demystification...

Guide to Services 
in Tavira

Translated into English, Thai, Ukrainian, Hindi, Nepali, among others


Promotional video about the historical and cultural heritage of Tavira.
We invite all immigrants to travel with us in this video.
Together we are STRONGER!